Interactive Sports Networks know that in all athletic and sports it all starts with excellent planning. From recruiting the proper talent on the field, court, team or pit winning come from great planning and training first.

The ADs in colleges must recruit the best High School Athletes to be successful, then the Coaches need to motivate and teach those recruited how the systems work and their part in the system.

Pro Teams must do the same as the columbine approaches and then how the draft picks will place these players in their system.

NASCAR and FORMULAR ONE TEAMS are just as complex as the college and NFL teams. The teams must be carefully recruited and trained to perform the complex orchestration in the pits as well as the intricate commands between the drivers and crew chief.

Stable Owners must select the proper jockey for the ride based on the race and the personality of the horse.  

Every sport starts in the classroom with planning and training with no exception. The selection of our Olympic and National Teams is planned base on the team not just the individual athlete.

The college AD not only is involved in the selection of players but in keeping those players in schools so they can play.

Trainer are involved in keeping the Athletes healthy  and injury free and taking care of injuries when they happen. This requires collaboration between three groups trainers on the field, the emergency rooms Doctors & staff and the team physician back home.  Smaller Schools may not have the teams doctor travel with the team. With our Traveling Team Physician Program can be there when they can't be physical there, they can on the ICN Traveling Team Physician Program  (TTPP)  Our ICN TTPP network is fully HIPPA Certified and Encrypted .

This is where INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS come in to the lineup.  We provide the finest technology tools to help make those critical decision and  provide the training technology for you to win.  WE ARE SPORTS TECHNOLOGY ! 

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