​​ISN is a very special company and a supporter of THE HVCC Academies and HVCC EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE .  Our sports involvement goes very deep with a long history in the sports and sports broadcasting industries. We know both markets inside out from all different markets and experiences. We know that the focus of sports starts with excellent planning, the better you plan the better the results. 

Our programs are designed to help achieve that result. We design our programs to win your business for the long run not to get a quick deal. Thats why we will install the finest equipment in the world at your facility at no cost as our investment to earn your future business. If you are successful in your for competition planning we will be successful in your business by competing for it the same way. 

I believe as Zig Ziglar stated "I can get everything in the world I want, if I just help enough other people get what they want." The hard part is getting people to say what they want. We don't have that problem at Honor Valor Courage Corporation what we want is to build the greatest educational center in the world for educating our country's Veterans at no cost to the Veterans or their families as well as provide excellent high paying careers when they graduate. 

INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS was developed for those who are involved in the exciting world of sports.

ports extends past what people see on the playing field, track, pit, courts or race trace into the world of sports medicine, br
oadcasting and training. The athletes may be the one's people see but nothing happens without hours and hour and preparation and learning.

That’s where INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS coming in. We provide the latest most advanced technology possible to help with the critical decisions on personnel, recruiting, training techniques, applications so the Athletic Director, Coaches, Medical Staff, Trainers, Owners in every sport can make those decision.

active Sports Networks knows that in all athletic and sports it all starts with excellent planning. From recruiting the proper talent on the field, court, team, track or pit  winning come from great planning and training first.

The ADs in colleges must recruit the best High School Athletes to be successful, then the Coaches need to motivate and teach these recruits how the systems work and their part in the system.

Pro Teams must do the same as the columbine approaches and then how the draft picks will place these players in their system.

NASCAR and FORMULAR ONE TEAMS are just as complex as the college and NFL teams. The teams must be carefully recruited and trained to perform this complex orchestration in the pits as well as the intricate commands between the drivers and crew chief.

Every sport starts in the classroom with planning and training with no exception. The selection of our Olympic and National Teams is planned base on the team not just the individual athlete.

The college AD not only is involved in the selection of players but in keeping those players in schools so the can play.

Trainer are involved in keeping the Athletes health and injury free and taking care of injuries when the happen in conjunction with the team doctors. This requires collaboration between these two groups at time even on the field and at the emergency rooms. Smaller Schools may not have the teams doctor travel with the team. Our traveling Physician Program can be there when they can be physical can be.

The horse owners and trainer at every stable must have visual contact with the thoroughbred racehorse and know every mood and detect any injury no matter how scuttle is appears.

The boxing and MMA trainer need to have the visual contact and evaluation with their fighters in training and before a fight in the ring.

We know sports and we know technology at INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS.