INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS  was developed to provide advanced programs for the sports worlds.

This includes programing with the ISBN.LIVE broadcasting networks where they provide for Interactive Sports Broadcasting which the fans and the commenters can interface with each other at the event. Only networks in the world with those features.

The NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS which is a national buying service for High Schools, Colleges, and Pro-Teams.

The “LTA” Program Leadership Through Athletic which bring High Schools students and Veterans into the total world of sports through the development with major sports companies to teach the student how they do their work and then provide internship for the student.

Revenue Sharing Programs.  ​​​The Revenue Sharing program is a program that has been developed to allow companies, individuals, association and fraternal group to take advantage of  ownership of equipment and systems for college, universities, trade schools, teams and academies where they are supporters of or alumni and under our Revenue Sharing Program, Interactive Sports Networks will place in use for a specific application for a percentage of the revenue from that system.

ICN handles all installation, maintenance and upgrades and system management.  ICN provides all interface with the schools, university, trade schools, or academy including scheduling of classes, and all administration of the ICN Network.

The Revenue Sharing Partner (RSP) takes all tax write-offs, depreciation based of their accounting method, or for non-profits can take as a donation to the entity.

The Revenue Sharing Program is a fifty percent revenue sharing of all EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) revenue received from the program in which thats Revenue Sharing Program applies.

The Revenue Sharing Program Partner can also file a UUC Filing on the equipment with the state in which the Revenue Sharing Program is to be Implemented.

ICN will provide a complete proforma on the potential Revenue Sharing Program from the chosen entity.